Commercial Micro Draft Mini Brewery Equipment
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Item Details

Port: Qingdao Port
Supply Ability: 15 Set/Sets per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,money/Alibaba trade assurance

Product Description

Commercial micro draft mini brewery equipment

Brewing Process

How to use 2 vessels Commercial micro draft mini brewery equipment to make beer?

1. Crush malt at first, at the meanwhile, you can prepare hot water at hot water tank.

2. The hot water will flow to Mash/Lauter tun via pump, and then make a wort mashing, and filtration.

3. Wort will flow to Boiling/Whirlpool tank for boiling and whirlpoolvia pump when it finished the mashing.

4. Next, hot water will flow into Mash/Lauter tank for washing grain, and the impurities will be throw away via remove grain door.

5. At he same time, glycol water and tap water will flow to the plate heat exchanger for keep cooling wort, at the same time, you can add some oxygen at the venturi oxygenator, and add some yeast in the yeast adding tank before the wort flow into fermenting tank.

6. When it finished cooling wort in heat exchanger, the glycol water's temperature will become more higer and higer, and it will pass through the heat exchanger to flow into the hot water tank.

7. Final, you just heat water into a suitable temperature, as well as you can use it for next brewing or washing grain when it finished the filtration in lauter tank.

Product Description

Crushing system

Function: Crushing malt at miller.

Component: It is comsisted of motor, belt, belt pulley, rollers, hopper and so on. This component are the part of mini brewery equipment.

Material: Stainless steel and Carbon steel

Strengths: New design double rollers malt miller, the distance between 2 roller can be adjustable.

Wort mashing system

Function: Use for wort mashing, wort filtration, boiling, and whirlpool.

Component: It is consisted of mash tank, lauter tank,kettle, whirlpool, hops back, plate heat exchanger , wort pump and so on. This component are the most important part of mini brewery equipment.

Kinds:Two/Three/Four Vessels brewhouse

Heating method: Electric heating, Steam heating, Direct fire heating.

Control method: PLC/PID controller cabinet.

Material: SUS304/316/316L.

Wort fermentation system

Function: Use for cool wort fermentation or maturation.

Component: It is consisted of manhole, Mechnical relief valve,Sample valve, Pressure gage, Rotate racking arm, Butterfly valve, and so on. This components are the indispensable part of mini brewery equipment.

Types: 50L-10000L, and even bigger capacity.

Cooling method: dimple plate or glycol cooling jacket around tank both top and bottom.

Design pressure is 0.3MPa; Working pressure is 0.15MPa.( Our standard design, MPa can be customized)

Complete PPR pipeline link with glycol water tank and fermenting tank for cooling.

Glycol cooling system

Component: Glycol tank, electromagnetic valve, Pump, PPR pipeline and etc. This components are the vital part of mini brewery equipment.

Cooling method: Single stage cooling (cold water cooling) and Two stage cooling (Glycol water and tap water cooling).

Control method: Automatically by PID Instrument Panel/PLC Screen Controller cabinet.


Function: Use for chilling glycol water

Chiller brand: World-wide famous brand Australia COOLSOON.

Component: Compressor, Water pump, Evaporator, Pressure controller, Condenser, Expanision, Dry filter, Antifreeze switch, Hand valve and so on. This components are crucial part of mini brewery equipment.

Controlling system

Component: Instruments, Button, Speed controller, Intermediate relay, Switches. This components are crucial part of mini brewery equipment.

Electric spare parts: World-famous brand with CE certificated.

The brand of temperature controller is Siemens brand, Intermediate relay is Schneider brand.

Purpose: Show and control all tank's temperature, control show on/show off of motors, pumps, and solenoid valves.

PID Semi-Auto Instrument Panel, PLC Screen Controller cabinet for optional.

Cleaning system

Component: Disinfection tank, Alkali tank (with heating element), Pump and so on. This components are significant part of mini brewery equipment.

Purpose: It is used for heating, washing, cleaning all the tanks when it finish the brewing.

Our Advantages

All the accessories, fitttings and spare pasrts will be used for mini brewery equipment are excellent and first class quality, Please see as below:

1. Motors and pumps,their are brand is Siemens/ABB.

2. Round SUS manhole with sight glass.

3. Wort pump with frequency converter, USA Danfoss brand.

4. False plate is made on a complete SS by CNC lathe, it is strong, filter quickly and do not leak no any grist.

5. Sanitary sight glass, used for observing wort status.

6. Spraying ring, it is easier and quicker to wash grain in lauter tank.

7. Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger, Suspension type, it is easy to disassembled and clean.

8. Pressure relief value with glass, clean and sanitation, and easy to observe wort's status.

9. Rotating racking arm, port on the cone with butterfly value, and it can get the beer from different place in the fermentation tanks.

Pre-sales Service

All our mini brewery equipment will have services as following:

Layout is available for you

Tell us your workshop, or building floor plan, or the size.

Our technician will device a layout for you.

And send it to you to make a confirmation.

Drawing is available for you

Based on our mini brewery equipment design, and layout.

Our Engineer will do a detail drawing of all tanks, and send it to you.

If it is no problem, we will send it to our factory to arrange a produciton.

3D effective sketch is available for you

According to the layout, drawing, and workshop floor plan.

Our technician will device a 3D effective sketch for you.

Finally, you will get a clear, bright thought about your building,

Packaging & Shipping

All our mini brewery equipment made by our company will be loaded in as following:

With plastic paper firstly then outside by iron frame (Export standard packaging)

1.Sound production management and Reliable sea forwarder for many years guarantee the timely delivery.

2.Experienced package guarantee the quality of equipment and ensure customers’ satisfying.

Packing details: packing with steel stainless and wood cases, standard export package

Delivery details: delivery time within 35 days from Qingdao.

Company Information

Our Factory

Shandong Shendong Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional mini brewery equipment and brewing ISP, including the variety of large and small, micro mini brewery equipment, factory mini brewery equipment, hotel mini brewery equipment, bar and teaching laboratories mini brewery equipment, as well as beer the attachment of the device, the external auxiliary equipment, control equipment, beer brewing, the main and auxiliary supply of raw materials, brewing techniques, training and other services.

Our Certificate

We have exported lots of mini brewery equipment to European, USA and lots of other countries, All the mini brewery equipment produced our company are adopted in SUS 304/316, and have passed CE, ISO, BAC, and PED test. We can show you our qualification and certification, to ensure offer the flrst class quality equipment for you.

Our Exihibition

In 2016 year, Our mini brewery equipment hold in Shanghai Exihibition. There have lots of customer who are from all over the world, they come to Shanghai, to visit our mini brewery equipment, at there, our professional brew master, technicain, engineer work together to solve many problems for the customer about the brewing technology, installation, after-sales service, debugging, testing, and so on. Anyway, we can get a lot from this exihibition, and know the requirement from different customer.

Our Customer

There have many customers who are from different countries,such as USA,UK, Greece, Norwawy, Netherlands,Australia, France, and other places. they come to our factory, to inspect our mini brewery's quality, our processing details( mirror polishing, welding), taste beer in our brewery, visit some bar and brewery in our city that installed by our company.

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